Wrong Colored Highlights!

Any time you color your hair,  you need to consider how it will look with your complexion. Consider highlights having the same effect. If you have dark hair color and light skin tone, a dark auburn or burnt brunette highlight would be a good choice.

Highlights can add a glowing, sun-kissed look to any hair. Even if you have dark hair, you can find the right shade to give you a natural-looking highlight, as well as complement your darker hair.

If you do not go to a professional stylist such as Cami Theisen, a lot can go wrong with highlights. Another ‘pet peeve’ for highlights of ours at Elise Marcus Salon, is using the wrong hair color, leaving the hair color in for too long or just simply not knowing what you’re doing can lead to disastrous results. Instead of stripping the highlights out of your hair (which will ultimately strip your natural hair color) there is a trick that many stylists use to tone down the highlights.

Does this Spark a highlight idea for you?

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