Makeup tips for a night out | St. Patrick’s Day festivities

Any special plans to get ready for the St. Patrick’s Day?  Then how about getting some awesome make-up this time that everybody can’t help but stare at you? Well then, here I have some exciting makeup tips for you and trust me, your going to want to pay attention.

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Products that Cami at Elise Marcus Salon uses for the following looks:

Day time Beauty Look: Elegant Shades of green with subtle blush and lip gloss, this look is appropriate for the office.
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Evening Beauty Look: Change up your look in the evening by enhancing the colors of your eye shadow. If you apply color above and below the eye keep your lip gloss nude.
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St Patrick’s Day Manicure: You can always opt for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by brushing on O.P.I green nail polish.
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