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The mask (101)Acne isn’t just for teenagers. People of all ages can suffer from acne blemishes. Luckily, there are many ways to treat these unsightly spots, from topical treatments and cover up to natural home remedies. Finding a treatment that works can be tricky. There are many things that contribute to skin problems. Diet, allergies, stress and hormones can all be culprits. The best place to start is with a good skincare routine.

Your basic skincare routine consists of cleansing, toning and moisturizing morning and evening. Never go to bed with make-up on your face! If you are just getting started on a skincare regimen you first need to consider your skin type. If you have normal to oily skin a gentle gel or foaming cleanser is best. For combination skin that tends to be oily in some spots and dry in others a creamy cleanser is usually the way to go. A toner is used to balance the Ph of your skin after cleansing and to prepare your skin for moisturizing. If you have normal to dry or combination skin it is best to avoid toners that contain alcohol as they tend to dry out the skin and can be irritating to sensitive skin. Moisturizing is a step that often gets skipped. If you have normal to oily or combination skin I recommend using an oil free moisturizer.  I recommend having a moisturizer with spf for daytime and without spf for the evening.

If you have not had a skincare regimen up until now, you may notice a complete turn around for your skin. If you have been on a skincare regimen and still have blemishes I will be talking about other culprits over the next couple of days.

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