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003We all want nice skin, but who the heck wants to pay a hundred dollars for it? If you’re looking for some cheap, easy and definitely effective at-home skincare, look no further than your very own cupboards.  Those old wives tales? Yeah, some of them are actually true.  Men and women alike (men want nice skin too) have been using some of these home remedies for years, and now it’s your turn.

There are two groups of skincare: prevention/everyday, and then emergency. Prevention/ everyday includes all the steps you take to avoid getting acne, while emergency skincare is the actions you take to get rid of acne once it has appeared.

The goal with skincare should always be to avoid having to use you emergency tactics, so these easy to use natural products will help you do just that! One of these naturally beneficial products is olive oil.  Extra Virgin olive oil can be used as both  cleanser and moisturizer.  It’s a two for one! If you’re interested in smooth, healthy skin, try massaging a small amount of olive oil into your skin, and let it sit for three minutes.  To add some extra moisturizing, place a steamed towel on the applied areas until it cools again, then use it to wipe off the excess oils.  Skincare is just easier when you use natural products.  Another household product you can use is lemon juice.  Because lemon juice is naturally acidic, it invigorates your pores, and acts as a toner and moisturizer.  It also exfoliates your skin, leaving it both polished and soft.   To use this, water down lemon juice and apply it to your skin.  Then wash it off after about fifteen minutes.  Another simple way  to take care of your skin is by using egg yokes as a facial mask to unclog pores. Pores can easily become clogged from your everyday life.  Some contributing factors to clogged pores are makeup. sweat, dirt and your skin’s natural oils. You can take the yolks from two eggs and spread it on your skin, letting it dry (it will be kind of crunchy).  Once it crunches and dries, wash it off after about fifteen to twenty minutes of letting it harden. Wondering what to do with the egg whites?? Well, you can use them too. Using the same procedure as before to tighten your pores, after you just unclogged them, to keep acne causing bacteria out of there. I know how this is going to sound, but just stay with me here… Garlic is said to be highly effective at acne prevention.  Just peel two garlic cloves, crush into a pulp and apply it to your face.  Just be sure to wash it off after five to ten minutes!

Check out tomorrow’s blog for at-home tips on what to do when acne attacks!

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