Acne Emergency!! | Skincare in Saint Joseph MN | Elise Marcus Salon

It’s happens to the best of us. You have a big event coming up, and you want to look absolutely smashing. You go to bed the night before and your skin is flawless.  But  you wake up in the morning, and BAM! Acne has moved to strike in the night and has won. So what do you do now!? That’s right, it is time for the emergency tactics to come out.

We talked about using natural home remedies at home for skincare, as well as some professional products, just for keeping up your skin’s quality.  Well, even if you take care of your face everyday (and even if you don’t) sometimes zits like to come along and try to ruin your day.  We’ve all been there. Some at-home emergency skincare that is super effective might actually shock you. One of those strategies is to place a dab of honey on said pimple, and then cover for a couple of hours with a Band-Aid (preferably overnight if you can).  If when you get acne, or just experience a natural redness of the skin, oatmeal can help! Just place one cup of oatmeal into one cup of boiling water, and after allowing it to cool, just place on your skin for three minutes and then wash it off.  That will take your redness blues right away! If there is time before any of your big events, getting a facial will significantly reduce your odds of getting acne in the first place, and not to mention how fresh and healthy it will look.

So next time acne takes up arms, you will have the weapons to fight back.

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