Get That Healthy Look | Hair Styling in Saint Joseph, MN | Elise Marcus Salon

A few days I talked about ways which will help you grow your hair out long, but how good is long hair if it is rough and lacking shine? There are a few tips and trick you can use to get softer, more healthy looking hair.

I like to look at hair care a lot like skin care.  If you want it to be moisturized and soft, you have to protect it from hot surfaces as well as cold surfaces, use a conditioner or moisturizer, and nurse the parts of it which may not be in the best of health.  With this in mind, the steps become easier than you may have originally thought.

I have talked a lot about heat damage (and so has every other hair care source, I’m sure), but people often disregard the damaging effects extremely cold conditions can also have.  Cold air, such as in the winter time or the lowest setting on the blow-dryer, can just as easily make hair brittle and without luster.  Just as it is damaging to skin, it is damaging to your hair.  The softest hair comes from conditioners which boost your natural moisturizer and smoothness.  Unfortunately, there is no better way to discern which product you should you for your particular needs than trying one at a time until your are satisfied.  I can suggest, however, that you look for products without plastics and fillers because they weigh down or even suffocate your natural shine, leaving it dull and harsh.  One more trick you can make use of to keep your hair soft and in good health is to “go easy” on the already damaged parts.  Continuing with the skin-to-hair analogy, constantly straightening, shampooing, coloring, perming, etc. is like the men and women who work as auto mechanics or construction workers who do not wear gloves or use lotion and are constantly exposing their skin to harsh conditions.  Their skin is usually rough and damaged.  But luckily the solution is very easy! If at all possible, cut back on their use and keep up regular hair cuts to cut away the rough split ends.

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