General Make-Up Techniques | Cosmetology in Saint Joseph, MN | Elise Marcus Salon

As I have told you earlier, I don’t ever want you to be “that guy”.  As well as having horrible dry and greasy (yes, that’s a thing) hair, that guy or gal has horrible make-up.  It’s smeared, clumped, the wrong shade for her skin tone and looks like someone’s make-up bag threw up and landed in a tornado like fashion all over her face. Here are a few general tips I have learned throughout my years as a cosmetologist which work for all women:

1. WHEN DOING MASARA: When you first pull the wand out of the tube, there is a clump of mascara at the bottom of the wand, so just start by wiping that extra mascara back into the tube.  Pick one end of your eye lashes to start with.  Next, open your eyes wide enough so the wand is at the bottom of your eyes (do not do anything which makes you uncomfortable), and while moving it sideways roll it up and blink.  This should create an evenly covered and clump-free look.  Then use this system to cover the rest of your lashes.  Do not be afraid to place some mascara lightly on your bottom lashes, but be careful not to draw a lot of attention to them.  The focus should be your top lashes.

2. FOUNDATION: The point of foundation is to blend and enhance your skin’s natural beauty and tone, so you want it to match your skin.  When finding a new foundation, test it on your wrist BEFORE you buy it.  If you can tell there is foundation on your wrist because there is a drastic color change, DO NOT BUY IT.  The odds of a brand matching your exact skin tone are almost non-existing, but it should be within reason. Also, make sure to blend the edges of your foundation so it looks natural.  This can be done with a foundation brush or gently with your hands.  Extra Tip: To keep eye shadow on for longer, put foundation on your eye lids before.

3. WHEN APPLYING EYE-LINER: This is the most important step because if it is messed up, the look is sub-par.  Eye liner should start small on the inside of the eye, and get thicker as you go toward the end of the eye.  The corner of the eye should be the thickest the eye liner ever gets.  If eye liner is applied straight across the eye, it is easy to look washed out and visually awkward. This bigger-as-you-go system to the bottom as well, being sure to connect it in the corner of the eye.

Keep in mind that this is just what I have found, but your style is yours!

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