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Make-up is meant to enhance your natural and inner beauty, not to cover it up. That is why I love natural make-up looks so much.  This one is just a few simple steps, so it is totally adaptable for your own style and interpretation.


1. The first step is to use a little cover up to smooth over any blemishes which are clearly apparent.  This may be acne, natural redness or (for me, too) some old scarring.  If you are comfortable with it, only use a cover up solution, or small amounts of foundation to camouflage these little blemishes.  Try to avoid using foundation all over because we are going for a less-is-more look.

2. Cover your lids with a nude color eye shadow.  This will allow for a small amount of coverage, while still creating a smooth and polished eye look.

3. Using the technique described in Monday’s blog, apply a small amount to the tops of your lids (the bottom is optional).  If you can, use an eye liner color which is from the “natural” colors.  This would be something like a brown or soft black, as opposed to magenta or gold.

4. Apply one-two coats of mascara to the top set of eye lashes, depending on how light your eye lashes are naturally.  If you normally have blonde eye lashes, consider only one coat, so it does not get too dark and over bearing. No matter the color of your eye lashes, I suggest you never apply more than one coat to the bottom lashes because it gives the eye an overall awkward looking shape.

5. The final step is to add a smidge of blush on the “apples” of your cheeks.  Find a color which shows up on your face, but does not make you look like Raggedy Anne.  This should be a lighter shade, like a pale pink or a matte tan.  When you smile, there is a “puffed up” area of cheek.  Using a big, fluffy brush, apply your blush in swift circles from this raised pile toward the edge of our face.  The line made should be angled toward the top of your ear.


Remember that you are beautiful with or without make-up, so do not be afraid to use less of it.  You know what they say, less IS more.

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