Easy Evening Look in Four Simple Steps | Skincare in Saint Joseph, MN | Elise Marcus Salon

Wednesday I suggested a day-time natural look, so today I am taking an alternative route! Our inspirations for this look are Ronald McDonald and Tammy Faye Baker…

JUST KIDDING! A lesson can be learned from them, though.  Even if you wish to put on a lot of make-up, try to be sure to not put on too much.  No matter how much you think you can handle, every body has a limit.


1. The first step is again just to cover up any major skin inconsistencies.  Women are notorious for being their own worst critic.  That being said, if you think you need twelve layers of foundation for perfect skin, you may only need one.  “Perfect skin” is not the idea with this step, though, we are looking for just enough to smooth out the look.

2. The next step is to put on a fun color of eye shadow.  “Fun” meaning teal, gold, purple, hot pink, neon yellow, etc. basically everything but browns, dark greens and other natural colors.  Apply this evenly on the eye, extending the farthest with color to the crease of the eye lid. For some extra UMPH use two colors and blend them about half way.

3.  Using the technique from a few days ago, apply eye liner on both the top and bottom (water line is optional).  Some colors you could use for eye liner are the classic black, bright, edgy colors.  Again, just try to avoid naturals.


4. Then add mascara! Two to three coats on the top, and the usual single coat on the bottom.  The reason we want to add more mascara for this look is because we are adding more make-up over all, which may drown out your eye lashes, so we just want to add a little more to side step that fiasco.

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