Ain’t Nobody got Time for That | Hairstyling Saint Joseph, MN | Elise Marcus Salon

You know that one person who looks perfect no matter what they do? Like, they always have nice hair, and they do their make up every day with out fail.  You look at their style and think that maybe you’d like to do that.. but then you realize ain’t nobody got time for that.

But you do! Time is no longer an excuse to give up without trying.  You do have the time, resources and skills to have nice things.  I will be starting a series on quick styles that are totally easy and adaptable, so feel free to try a couple out 😉

Nice Buns

Estimated Time: 3 minutes

1. Put your hair in a pony tail at the desired height.  Personally, I suggest setting it at the crown of your head, so it looks like an extension of your head.

2.  Spin your hair around while twirling it into the signature donut-bun shape and pony tail it again.  I suggest pony tailing this time with hair rubber bands, so it does not look so too tied down. Buns are not perfect… Go ahead and take that both ways.

3. Pin the little hair chunks that fall out with a couple of bobby pins.

TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it!

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