Have your feet pampered

For many people few things are more enjoyable and relaxing then having their feet pampered with a pedicure.

At Elise Marcus Salon in St. Joseph MN you can have a regular pedicure with a warm lavender towel wrap, or give your feet a real treat with the “Pedi with a Natural Nail Soak”.

This type of pedicure comes with all kinds of special treatments. Whether your nails are stained, weak and brittle, dry, peeling or just won’t grow, Elise Marcus Salon has a treatment that might help. Depending on the problem, you can have your feet soaked in a nail stain remover, milk and honey, garlic, citrus or a moisturizing nail soak.

Motives® Professional Nail Grooming SetAfter the soak you can have your nails cut and filed, the cuticles treated with a cuticle oil application that will add hydration to your tips of your toes and your cuticles pushed back. For the ladies, you can also have your toes painted in a pretty color. For this Elise Marcus Salon uses products from Motives® Cosmetics. First a base coat that acts like an adhesive to protect your nails and extends the color’s wear, followed by two layers of color and finally a top coat to make your pedicure last longer by extending the wear time of your color while amplifying your color’s shine!.

So do yourself and your feet a favor. If you don’t like the look of them, or you want to prepare to wear sandals, walk in to Elise Marcus Salon and walk out with stunning looking feet and nails.