Using a Swimmer’s Cap to Protect Your Hair

Chlorine is essential in keeping the swimming pool clear of bacteria and other potential contaminants. However, the same properties that make it so useful in decontaminating swimming pools also make it a threat to your hair. Chlorine is infamous for stripping human hair of their natural oils, rendering them both rough and brittle in the process. This is particularly true if your hair has been either colored or chemically treated, meaning that you should be particularly careful about protecting your hair from chlorine if you are one of our valued clients.

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Of course, chlorine wouldn’t be used so much in St Joseph MN swimming pools if there weren’t simple methods for protecting hair and scalp in St Joseph MN. In short, if your hair is damaged by chlorine, then the simplest solution is to make sure that the two never come into contact. Not only do trendy swimmer caps protect hair and scalp while you’re in the swimming pool, but they’ll also help you look good while doing it. As a consultant, Cami from Elise Marcus Salon has created a link for you to be able to choose the right trendy swimmer caps and you can even earn cash back! Click on the pictures below and find your hip swim cap.

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