Exposed Hair Pins, A Controversial Trend

There is a new trend in high fashion that is making waves today in wedding fashion. Exposed hair pins are, depending on who you ask, a quirky fun way to make a statement or a symbol of modern fashion’s faux pas. It’s a love-hate trend.Those who love this trend see it as fresh and almost punky. Those who hate it compare it to wearing underwear outside of clothes. No matter what you believe, this is a trend with impact coming to a hair salon in St Joseph MN today.

Bobby pins are generally thought of as something that you blend into your hair. They are tucked under tresses, into hair pieces and used to underpin more elaborate hair jewelry. But until recently they were never the star of the show. The expose hair pins trend changes all of that.

Emphasize your hair pins at home by using dark pins if you have light locks or light pins if you have darker tresses. For a business casual look, use a few pins at the nape of your neck around an updo. Short hair and textured hair are not left out of this trend! Use decorative pins to twist and tuck strands of hair. Place a few at your temples for a little bling.

Our beauty consultant, Cami Theisen, at Elise Marcus Salon in St Joseph MN can set you up with more stylish and high fashion exposed hair pin styles for your fashionable events.

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