Soothing Emu Oil Products for Skin and Hair at Elise Marcus Beauty Salon in St Joseph MN

Emu Oil is Scientifically Proven

At Elise Marcus we were ecstatic when we read that doctors in Australia, Texas, and Chicago have all scientifically studied and confirmed that emu oil has powerful cleansing and soothing effects on damaged skin and hairs.  At the the Elise Marcus Beauty Salon in St Joseph MN we had already been using EmuMagic products, made of emu oil to help heal damaged skin and hair.  We knew these products were wonderful and now doctors confirmed what we already knew.  This is why we have made EmuMagic products available on our shelves.

Lipcare at Elise Marcus Salon in St. Joseph MN

Treating Rashes, Flaky Skin and Burns

When we discover clients with rashes, flaky skin, burns, dry skin, or any other type of skin damage, we know the first step is to combat swelling and inflammation.  We recommend EmuMagic Premier Emu Oil because emu oil is a natural anti-inflammatory.  We’ve discovered it works equally well against rashes and flaky skin, soothing the damaged area and offering gentle and surprisingly fast healing.  Skin feel soothed and clean while blotches clear up almost instantly, even those arising from long term skin disorders.  We’ve even learned that EmuMagic Premier Emu Oil is at least as good, if not better, than aloe for soothing burns of all types.  Our sun burns quickly faded to a nice deep tan faster than we normally see with burn products.

Emu Oil Skincare | Beauty Salon In St. Joseph MN

All Natural Gentle Hair Care

Elise Marcus prides itself as the best hair salon in St Joseph MN.  We only offer the top quality shampoos, dyes, and conditioners.  This is why we stock Silk’nMagic Emu Oil Conditioning Shampoo on our shelves.  This top quality conditioning shampoo gives our long haired clients a powerful cleaning that add extra body to their hair while protecting, strengthening, and reducing damage and wrinkles to their hair, scalp, and neck all at the same time.  We see stronger, livelier hair and skin on our clients that use Silk’nMagic Conditioning Shampoo.

Better Than a Full Body Massage

One of our most powerful pain relief products at Elise Marcus Beauty Salon in St Joseph MN is EmuMagic Deep Pain Relief.  We’ve seen that this lotion does more than just stop inflammation.  It has a powerful analgesic that relieves the most intense pain, both sharp and dull.  Just a few drops from a bottle of EmuMagic Deep Pain Relief is enough to fully combat our most persistent headaches, migraines, repetitive motion pain, deep bruises, back aches, and sprains.  We also pull it out whenever we are suffering from sun burns or blisters.  The immediate pain relief this oil offers is like a breath of fresh air, letting us return to our normal daily activities, whether we are using it to combat every day pain or short term pain.

Emu Hand & Body Cream | Beauty Salon in St. Joseph MN

Makes Our Faces Silky and Healthy

At Elise Marcus Salon we know that we are one of the best facial spa in St Joseph MN and we are proud of that fact.  We care as much about our client’s faces as we do our own, wanting both to always look their best.  Face skin is by far the most delicate skin on the body; the easiest to damage and the hardest to protect, heal, or clear up.  This is why we use DermaNatural skin lotion.  Just a few drops of this lotion softens our skin and makes it extra silky.  We use this EmuMagic product on our clients when we need to heal and remove blotchiness from rashes, burns, or acne.  DermaNatural skin lotion isn’t just a lotion made for delicate skin.   We’ve seen that repeated use of the lotion has made our skin more resilient over time.