Experience the Soothing Effects of Emu Oil Firsthand

Since the personal care sector never stops coming up with new and exciting products, those of us at Elise Marcus Salon in St. Joseph MN never stop expanding our selection of products and services with personal care products meant to make our valued clients feel both happier and healthier. The latest addition to our selection is a natural substance called emu oil, which is made using the fat of the flightless bird. Emu Oil Skincare | Beauty Salon In St. Joseph MN Although it is new and exciting to our beauty salon in St Joseph MN, Australian Aboriginals have been using emu oil for millennia. Now as then, it is used for its therapeutic properties, which include but are not limited to soothing irritation, moisturizing sun-ravaged skin, and even relieving the pain of sore muscles. Better still, emu oil is a 100 percent natural substance, which should assure those of our clients who are concerned about the harmful chemicals that can sometimes be found in other personal care products. In short, if you are interested in outstanding skincare in St Joseph MN, then please come into Elise Marcus Salon to experience the soothing effects of emu oil firsthand. Likewise, if you are interested in outstanding haircare in St Josephn MN instead, we can accommodate that as well.