Benefits of Emu Oil OmegaMagic Apart From Relieving Joint Pain

OmegaMagic | Emu Oil | Elise Marcus SalonRecently, one of my customers had ailments related to muscles and joint pain which included Arthritis and Rheumatism. My customer had been looking for a remedy for some time, and one of my friends introduced him to Emu oil OmegaMagic in my Beauty Salon in St Joseph MN. It is a unique product that contains not only Omega-3, but Omega-6 which are the essential fatty acids in one source. It also contains Omega-7 and Omega-9, which are important fatty acids. Apart from being used in relieving joint pains it is also used as a treatment for different skin problems such as relieving inflammation, softening of scar tissues and the strengthening of hair and scalp.

I had advised him to buy OmegaMagic from my salon and combine it with Facial Spa regimen so as to enjoy other benefits associated with the product apart from relieving the joint pain he had. Most of my customers were curious to know other benefits of this product when combined with Facial Spa Regimen and here are some other benefits I explained to them apart from relieving the joint pain:

The first benefit I explained to him as per my customers’ testimonials is that it will be very useful for acne care since it can help reduce the number of breakouts and the scarring and heal the skin. The oils and the fatty acids such as Omega-7 have antibacterial properties and thus kill the bacteria responsible for breakouts. This was a perfect product for my customers because they will use one product to eliminate a lot of problems.

Besides, Emu oil is a very powerful moisturizer all by itself and can make one’s skin glow Emu Oil Skincare | Beauty Salon In St. Joseph MNdue to the penetrating properties. This was a good idea because my customer’s skin was always dry, and he had been looking for a product to make it moist. One should take about two drops on his/her palm and apply on the surface of the skin, and the product is very effective since from then, my customer’s skin was ever moist.

Finally, it can help reduce stretch marks. My client was recovering from excess weight, and he had stretch marks on his skin. He told me that when he applied the product on his skin, it helped diminish the stretch marks. He tried the Emu oil products in my salon and within some few days; the stretch marks were less visible. The product has natural omega oil and fatty acids which are responsible for eliminating the stretch marks appearance.