Popular Minnesota Salon Cures Dry Hair & Skin Blues

Dry Winter Weather Damages Skin and Hair

Winter in Minnesota is notorious for being cold and dry in the winter. Average winter temperatures are near 10 degrees and regularly plunge as low as minus 20 and 30. Residents understand the effect conditions like this have on skin and hair. Men and women alike flock to skin moisturizing products for their hands and faces, at a minimum.

All women are concerned with their skin and hair, especially when it doesn’t look or feel the Haircare in St Joseph MNbest that it can. Living in the cold northern climate requires committing more attention to moisturizing skin and hair than is required for women living in other regions. Elise Marcus Salon provides friendly haircare in St. Joseph, MN If your hair is dry and splitting in the cold winter weather, why not consider having it conditioned and styled with the professional staff at the Elise Marcus Salon?

Popular Multi-Service Facial Spa in St Joseph, M.N.

The salon is also host to a wonderful facial spa. Facials can be the perfect solution to skin that has become dry, flaked or cracked, which is common in the wintertime. Moisturize your face with a soothing facial at Elise Marcus Salon. You not only look better, you feel better. Skin is easier to clean and maintain with regular moisturizing as well.

Cami at Elise Marcus Salon is familiar with all the latest styles and well as products to help you with your hair care, moisturizing and beauty needs and is always happy to answer any questions or provide recommendations. Contact Cami today!