Fathers Day Gift Ideas at Elise Marcus Salon in St Joseph MN

Father’s Day is Sunday June 15th, and you need a gift your dad will love. Everyone knows that dad has enough ties, this year get him something that will help him be a better man. Elise Marcus Salon in St Joseph MN has the Fathers Day gift ideas you need. There are a lot of places you can get gift certificates in St Joseph MN, but only a gift certificate from Elise Marcus Salon has the products and services to help your dad look and feel his best this Fathers Day.

Gift Ideas | Elise Marcus Salin

Dad uses his hands a lot, and that can get pretty rough on an older guy. Elise Marcus Salon offers a full range of manicures and pedicures that can remove stains, strengthen, and heal dad’s nails. And when is the last time dad got a really good haircut? Elise Marcus Salon offers haircuts, styling, and beard trimming services dad will love at prices you will love.

Facials and waxing are not just for women. Men’s skincare is just as important to help avoid embarrassing blemishes and other unsightly men’s skin problems. If your Father is looking and feeling beat up, by scheduling a consultation with Cami at Elise Marcus Salon and getting on a regular skincare regimen, your Dad could be feeling his best by the 4th of July.

A little gray can look quite distinguished, but is dad feeling his age? Elise Marcus Salon does more than just color hair, they can strengthen and revive you dad’s brittle or thinning hair and even recharge and revitalized dad’s dry thirsty hair.

Give dad a gift certificate to Elise Marcus Salon in St Joseph MN this year. You’ll both be glad you did.

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Don’t Wait to Get Your Hot Summer Look !

Memorial Day marks the beginning of lazy summer days, cook outs, and pool parties.  YouSummer Time Hair Care | Elise Marcus Salon want to put those dreary winter days long behind you.  What better way than by sprucing up your look?

Summer Time Hair

Let’s start with your hair.  After the winter, hair tends to be dry and brittle.  Elise Marcus Salon offers a variety of hair conditioning services to recharge, strengthen,  and seal moisture in your hair.  Whether you choose to trim dry ends or go for an entirely new style, you will feel refreshed and prepared for summer entertaining and gatherings.

One of the best ways to give yourself a summer look is by changing your hair color.  Adding some highlights will help your hair shine and skin glow.  You can frame your face with lighter, brighter tones or try the trendy ombré spectrum.  Your colorist will know which tones will best suit your skin coloring.  You can’t get superior coloring from a box.

If you want to learn some of the newest hair styling trends like finger curls or tousled beach waves, ask one of our experienced stylists.  They can also recommend products for your particular hair issues.

All Over Beauty Care

With the warmer weather comes sandals.  Don’t forget to schedule a mani and pedi to ensure your nails look fresh and healthy.  A specialty soak will help you overcome any of your nail issues–dry, yellowed, weak/brittle, or slow-growing.

You can also revitalize your skin and take years off your look at our facial spa or get expert makeup advice to add a natural summer glow to your face.

To make an appointment with the best hair salon in St. Joseph, MN, please contact us.  We are a family salon and spa committed to bringing out your summer best.


Indulge In A Pre-Grad Makeover At Elise Marcus Beauty Salon In St Joseph MN

Hair Salon Near St. Benedict's CampusGraduation day is just around the corner. You’ve made it through another year – give yourself a pat on the back! Whether you’ll be sporting a cap and gown soon, or just enjoying the year-end festivities, now’s a great time to pamper yourself with haircare services in St Joseph MN. After all, the chaos of exams can take a real toll on your appearance, leaving you with dull, tired hair and stressed-out skin.

Here at Elise Marcus Salon, we are more than your typical hair salon in St Joseph MN. We offer a full range of haircare and spa services, including cuts, coloring, highlights, lowlights and texturizing for both men and women. Our student-friendly fees make it easy for you to achieve the look you want at a price you can afford.

Spruce Up and Chill Out

The long, harsh winter has finally departed (good riddance, polar vortex!) leaving many of us with weather-beaten skin, cracked nails and dry, frizzy hair – definitely not the look you want!

Custom hair treatments like our Super Repair and Shine will reverse the damaging effects of a long, dry winter, leaving you with healthy, super-shiny locks that will make you stand out from the crowd. Itchy scalp? No worries; our Tea Tree Hair and Scalp treatment delivers immediate relief and it smells amazing!

Relax With Spa Services

We offer more than just haircare services, we’re a full service beauty salon in St Joseph MN. Our skilled technician, Cami, can pamper you with an hour-long spa facial, complete with exfoliation, facial and neck massage and a treatment mask. Achieve amazing, healthy nails with a manicure, and get ready for the beach with a relaxing, revitalizing pedicure.

Look Great At Grad

Graduation means tons of photos – selfies, formal pics and maybe even a few photo bombs! Remember, your image is often the first impression people have of you; investing in your appearance now can really pay off in the future. With some great grad pics, you’ll always have amazing profile photos for social media sites and to use when job-hunting. Grad is a great time to network – get out and make those connections!

We’re Easy To Find

Elise Marcus Salon is easy to get to; we’re located just 1/2 mile walk from the College of St. Benedict and a short 9-minute drive from Saint John’s University. If cycling is your thing, the Lake Wobegon trail access is just a couple blocks west of our hair salon in St Joseph MN.

To schedule your pre-grad makeover, call Cami today at 320-267-6121.


Motives® Nail Color | Elise Marcus Salon

The Importance of Regular Manicures

Elise Marcus Salon in St. Joseph, MN offers hair and skin care, manicures and pedicures. When you and your hands need some pampering, make an appointment with Cami Theisen for your pampering manicure session. Elise Marcus Salon offers a natural nail soak for every type of nail problem that adds an extra special touch of some pampering of hands and nails.

When you get a manicure at Elise Marcus Salon in St. Joseph MN, to start out with, your fingernails will  will be given a basic soak or a natural nail soak, cuticles will receive attention when Cami applies Motives® Cuticle Oil and massages your cuticles, nails will be filed according to your preference and you’ll receive a hand an arm massage, including a warm lavender essential oil towel wrap.

While some woman like to keep their nails clear, for others pampering of hands and nails includes polishing nails with a pretty color.

Motives® Nail Color | Elise Marcus Salon

Motives® Nail Laquer

At the salon of Elisa Marcus in St. Joseph, MN, Cami uses Motives® Nail Lacquer and offers a wide choice of color. Whether you like a pastel color, fire engine red, deep purple or fuchsia pink, Elise Marcus Salon caters to your needs.

Before applying the nail color, Cami will apply a base coat, that will prime your nails for a flawless, long-lasting application of your favorite color. Followed by two layers of color, and finish with a top coat that will extend the wear time of your color while intensifying your color’s shine.

Not only are manicures important to keep your hands looking beautiful, regular manicures are vital for the health of your hands and nails. With regular hydration of hands and cuticles you prevent nail fungus and painful hangnails.

At Elise Marcus Salon, Cami aims to give you the manicure pampering session you deserve by offering her services and expertise! Contact Cami at Elise Marcus Salon in St. Joseph MN to schedule your pampered and customized manicure session today!

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift | Salon Near Saint Cloud, Mn | Salon In Saint Joseph, Mn | Elise Marcus Salon

I hope you are remembering that Mother’s Day is Sunday. If you are still looking for the perfect mother’s day gift, look no further. Treat your mom to a day of pampering with a gift certificate from Elise Marcus Salon.

National Spa Week | Salon and Spa in St Joseph, Mn | Elise Marcus Salon

I found out last night, from a friend of mine, that this week is national spa week. I was shocked!! I told her that every week should be spa week. Every month should be spa month.

Everybody is so busy these days that they don’t take time for themselves. We have become so accustomed to the hustle and bustle that we don’t even realize how it is affecting our health and well being. If we would set aside one hour every week to do something relaxing: have a massage, a pedicure or a manicure. Even getting a haircut can be a rejuvenating experience if you can manage to go to a salon that has a relaxing atmosphere.

I can hear you saying to me, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” But it can make such a big difference in how you manage the rest of your life. When you are doing the millions of other things that you do on a daily basis you can be functioning on a higher level if you just take the time to completely shut your mind off and relax deeply.

I am not a massage therapist, but I have been trained to incorporate massage into most of my services such as facials, manicures and pedicures. I recently read that in other countries such as India and the Philippines they include scalp massage in their haircutting services. It’s such an obviously perfect  combination, and it feels so great. It makes people look forward to their haircut and enjoy it so much more. I plan to include a scalp massage with my haircutting services from now on so that I can help my clients get every little bit of relaxation that they can.
Call Cami Theisen at Elise Marcus Salon to schedule your time out  today!

Makeup tips for a night out | St. Patrick’s Day festivities

Any special plans to get ready for the St. Patrick’s Day?  Then how about getting some awesome make-up this time that everybody can’t help but stare at you? Well then, here I have some exciting makeup tips for you and trust me, your going to want to pay attention.

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Products that Cami at Elise Marcus Salon uses for the following looks:

Day time Beauty Look: Elegant Shades of green with subtle blush and lip gloss, this look is appropriate for the office.
<Cosmetic info coming soon>

Evening Beauty Look: Change up your look in the evening by enhancing the colors of your eye shadow. If you apply color above and below the eye keep your lip gloss nude.
<Cosmetic info coming soon>

St Patrick’s Day Manicure: You can always opt for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by brushing on O.P.I green nail polish.
<Cosmetic info coming soon>