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You know that one person who looks perfect no matter what they do? Like, they always have nice hair, and they do their make up every day with out fail.  You look at their style and think that maybe you’d like to do that.. but then you realize ain’t nobody got time for that.

But you do! Time is no longer an excuse to give up without trying.  You do have the time, resources and skills to have nice things.  I will be starting a series on quick styles that are totally easy and adaptable, so feel free to try a couple out 😉

Nice Buns

Estimated Time: 3 minutes

1. Put your hair in a pony tail at the desired height.  Personally, I suggest setting it at the crown of your head, so it looks like an extension of your head.

2.  Spin your hair around while twirling it into the signature donut-bun shape and pony tail it again.  I suggest pony tailing this time with hair rubber bands, so it does not look so too tied down. Buns are not perfect… Go ahead and take that both ways.

3. Pin the little hair chunks that fall out with a couple of bobby pins.

TA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You did it!

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General Make-Up Techniques | Cosmetology in Saint Joseph, MN | Elise Marcus Salon

As I have told you earlier, I don’t ever want you to be “that guy”.  As well as having horrible dry and greasy (yes, that’s a thing) hair, that guy or gal has horrible make-up.  It’s smeared, clumped, the wrong shade for her skin tone and looks like someone’s make-up bag threw up and landed in a tornado like fashion all over her face. Here are a few general tips I have learned throughout my years as a cosmetologist which work for all women:

1. WHEN DOING MASARA: When you first pull the wand out of the tube, there is a clump of mascara at the bottom of the wand, so just start by wiping that extra mascara back into the tube.  Pick one end of your eye lashes to start with.  Next, open your eyes wide enough so the wand is at the bottom of your eyes (do not do anything which makes you uncomfortable), and while moving it sideways roll it up and blink.  This should create an evenly covered and clump-free look.  Then use this system to cover the rest of your lashes.  Do not be afraid to place some mascara lightly on your bottom lashes, but be careful not to draw a lot of attention to them.  The focus should be your top lashes.

2. FOUNDATION: The point of foundation is to blend and enhance your skin’s natural beauty and tone, so you want it to match your skin.  When finding a new foundation, test it on your wrist BEFORE you buy it.  If you can tell there is foundation on your wrist because there is a drastic color change, DO NOT BUY IT.  The odds of a brand matching your exact skin tone are almost non-existing, but it should be within reason. Also, make sure to blend the edges of your foundation so it looks natural.  This can be done with a foundation brush or gently with your hands.  Extra Tip: To keep eye shadow on for longer, put foundation on your eye lids before.

3. WHEN APPLYING EYE-LINER: This is the most important step because if it is messed up, the look is sub-par.  Eye liner should start small on the inside of the eye, and get thicker as you go toward the end of the eye.  The corner of the eye should be the thickest the eye liner ever gets.  If eye liner is applied straight across the eye, it is easy to look washed out and visually awkward. This bigger-as-you-go system to the bottom as well, being sure to connect it in the corner of the eye.

Keep in mind that this is just what I have found, but your style is yours!

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Makeup tips for a night out | St. Patrick’s Day festivities

Any special plans to get ready for the St. Patrick’s Day?  Then how about getting some awesome make-up this time that everybody can’t help but stare at you? Well then, here I have some exciting makeup tips for you and trust me, your going to want to pay attention.

<post picture here>

Products that Cami at Elise Marcus Salon uses for the following looks:

Day time Beauty Look: Elegant Shades of green with subtle blush and lip gloss, this look is appropriate for the office.
<Cosmetic info coming soon>

Evening Beauty Look: Change up your look in the evening by enhancing the colors of your eye shadow. If you apply color above and below the eye keep your lip gloss nude.
<Cosmetic info coming soon>

St Patrick’s Day Manicure: You can always opt for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by brushing on O.P.I green nail polish.
<Cosmetic info coming soon>


Wrong Colored Highlights!

Any time you color your hair,  you need to consider how it will look with your complexion. Consider highlights having the same effect. If you have dark hair color and light skin tone, a dark auburn or burnt brunette highlight would be a good choice.

Highlights can add a glowing, sun-kissed look to any hair. Even if you have dark hair, you can find the right shade to give you a natural-looking highlight, as well as complement your darker hair.

If you do not go to a professional stylist such as Cami Theisen, a lot can go wrong with highlights. Another ‘pet peeve’ for highlights of ours at Elise Marcus Salon, is using the wrong hair color, leaving the hair color in for too long or just simply not knowing what you’re doing can lead to disastrous results. Instead of stripping the highlights out of your hair (which will ultimately strip your natural hair color) there is a trick that many stylists use to tone down the highlights.

Does this Spark a highlight idea for you?

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View other ‘pet peeves’ for highlights from Elise Marcus Salon:

Highlights are one of the most difficult hair colors to master

Stringy or Spotty Highlights

Highlights are one of the most difficult hair colors to master

Highlights are one of the most difficult hair colors to master. They can brighten your look, frame your face and compliment any outfit. When highlights are done poorly, they can be consuming and out-dated. Here at Elise Marcus Salon is just one of our favorite “pet peeves.”

Too Chunky – We really don’t think this was ever an official trend. Well, perhaps in the 90’s chunky highlights were in. But it has not been the 90’s for quite awhile.

High contrast, chunky highlights have always been a hair stylists’ nightmare. This style is anything but modern and can be difficult to repair.

Kelly Clarkson, as talented and wonderful as she is, has always been a very bad offender of the chunky highlights. Luckily Kelly has gotten over chunky highlights and gone more natural recently, but like Cami Theisen, from Elise Marcus Salon, says: “we won’t miss the those American Idol days”.

Follow along with us tomorrow and we will tell you another one of our “highlight pet peeves”.

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