Motives® Cosmetics

Motives Make Up

Makeup for Face, Eyes, Cheeks, Lips

Motives for La La has everything you need to create your perfect look. Explore these and the rest of the amazing colors and makeup products that Motives for La La has to offer:

 Motives For LaLa Face Cosmetics Motives For LaLa Eyes Cosmetics
 Motives for La La foundations and powder are perfect for covering imperfections, evening out skin tones and enhancing your natural beauty with coverage that lasts.  Motives for La La mineral mascara, eye shadows and eyeliners define and shade the eyes with rich color and glide on smooth to provide full deep coverage.
 Motives For LaLa Cheeks Cosmetics Motives Lips Cosmetics
 Motives for La La mineral blush and mineral bronzing shimmer powder provide weightless feel and buildable coverage, adding the perfect glow to highlight your cheek bones.  Motives for La La mineral lipstick, lip shine, and lip crayons are sensational products that provide long-lasting color, ultra shine and help you to achieve soft, beautiful lips.
 Motives For La La Nails Lacquer Cosmetics
 Motives for La La Nail Lacquers are trendsetting colors that provide a long lasting, chip-free finish.

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