All Over Color

Finding a custom hair color expert in St Joseph Minnesota is not an easy task. Once you find a good stylist that you trust as your professional colorist, it is like finding a gold mine. A good stylist is almost as if you find a doctor that you trust.

Your stylist is your friend and your confidant and once they know what you love it is so hard to change. Cami Theisen understands this very well. If you are in need of finding a professional colorist, Cami specializes in an ‘All Over Hair Color’ at Elise Marcus Salon.

Your color should be special and it should be professionally done by a professional colorist that understands you need a quality hairstyle. Your hair is your glory and it should be someone who you can always trust to know you and your personal likes and dislikes to be entrusted with your hair.

Cami is here to suit your hair color needs and your hair color desires. When it comes to Elise Marcus Salon’s clientele, Cami treat’s you as her own family with love and tenderness. Cami will do your professional color with expertise and even advise you on how to care for your new hair color so that you get the most out of your beautiful color. Call today for a consultation with Cami and see the difference she can make in your hairstyle! 320-267-6121


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